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A Little About Us

Here at KidzMonte, we recognize that every child is an individual who needs a safe, stimulating and conducive environment to develop to their fullest potential. It is our responsibility to respect each child and provide opportunity to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially through developmentally appropriate activities with caring and competent of teachers. We believe in nurturing the child, not just only to prepare him for school but for life.

A place for Little Ones

  • Qualified Teachers

    All our teachers here at KidzMonte are qualified and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring out the best in your child

  • Small Class Size

    Our small class size ensures your child’s quality and efficiency of what he/she’s learning. This allows for more focus on the child’s learning capabilities

  • Regular Events

    We have scheduled regular events that we have in store such as field trips for both the children and the parents

  • Parents-Centre Partnership

    Parents are welcome to interact with us regarding our policies and guidelines and/or participate in our parent-centre partnership

Our Story

Kidzmonte recognizes that every child is an individual who needs a safe, stimulating and conducive environment to develop to their fullest potential, and works to help them develop a love for life-long learning. It is our responsibility to respect each child and provide opportunity to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially through developmentally appropriate activities with caring and competent of teachers.

  • To provide quality as well as professional childcare service for working parents.
  • To provide a conducive environment for growth in a comfortable home away from home
  • To develop positive attitude towards work and learning
  • To encourage a healthy life-style, enhancing physical, social and emotional growth, and cultivating love and respect for one and all.

Our Programmes

We provide a balanced, comprehensive and stimulating preschool curriculum. Our programme aims to develop the total development of your child: emotional, social, intellectual and physical. Your child will be given the opportunity to interact through activities that helps in the language development and to help build self-confidence.

Toddler/Playgroup (18 - 36 months)
  • Develop interaction/ social skills, motor skills, eye and hand coordination through directed play and small work groups.
  • Develop sensory skills and languages with appropriate materials and structure activities.
  • Manipulative play and exploration activities are included to enhance creativity to satisfy the inquisitive nature of a child.

Nursery (3 - 4 years old)
  • Stimulate their minds with the aid of structured activities that will guide them and help thinking skills and reasoning.
  • Promote a sense of individually and identity in a child and treating them as unique individuals to help in the emotional and social development of a child.
  • Structured programmes to provide opportunities for problem solving, social interaction with peers as well as with teachers.
  • Educate the children the importance and fundamental of good nutrition and good health.
  • Promote positive emotional development by creating and allowing them to understand a wide range of emotions and associate these emotions appropriately with given situations.

Kindergarten (5 - 6 years old)
  • Teach the children a system of self-control and having good social value, and in learning to accept and respect the rights and uniqueness of others.
  • Further enhance their cognitive development and competence with a progressive programme structure, moving from simple to complex and concrete to abstract.
  • Furnish information on good health practice, daily personal hygiene in relation to their daily activities.
  • Prepare them, especially those at Kindergarten level, for primary school studies by structuring a gradual, progressive learning journey.


Classroom Management

It is important for young children to develop the skills of appropriate behaviours. Children learnt to develop self control by understanding and following simple rules. A variety of positive methods used by teacher help remind and redirect children’s behaviours. Various teaching methods may be shared during parents programmes.

Progress Reports

Teachers will assess the needs and strengths of each child in their development. Progress report will be given to parents on half-yearly basis. These reports are available in our Parents' portal for reference whenever they require. Parents are welcome to contact the centre for any matters regarding the progress and development of their child.

Parents Programme

From time to time, the centre may organize topics of interest or concern for parents awareness and benefits. Our aim is to help parents play an active role in the learning process of their child and to receive positive and effective feedback from their child.

Signing In / Out

Children are signed In and Out of the centre electronically each day. A child can only be picked up by a parent or someone authorized by the parent via the Parents' Portal. The authorised person (other than the parent) must be of age 18 and above. Electronic signing In/Out stations are placed at the entrance of the centre.

Areas Of Child Development

The area of child development lies mainly in their physical, intellectual, emotional and sensory skills. These skills are developed through the various activities planned in the centre.

Indoor Activity

General Knowledge, Sensorial Skills, Reading Writing Readiness, etc...

General knowledge

Sensorial skills

Reading & writing readiness

Preschool Language, mathematical and nature study skills

Self-help skills such as buttoning, tying laces

Personal hygiene and cleanliness

Gross motor skills (constructive and manipulative)

Fine motor skills such as threading with beads

Jigsaw puzzles

Outdoor Activity

Group exercise and outdoor games

Playground recreational equipment

Group exercise, obstacle programme and outdoor games


Nature Study walks

Art & Craft

Colouring Drawing





Clay and Dough play

Creating Simple Objects

Cut and paste collage

Creative Play & Music and Movement

Dramatic play such as role-playing and dressing up

Dramatic play such as role-playing and dressing up

Speech and Drama

Fun with musical instruments and basic musical notes


Listening to songs

Movement to the music, rhythm and story


Learning Through I.T.

To give the child a technological headstart

To give the child a technological headstart, the child will be given opportunity to use computer programmes to reinforce learning.

The child’s creativity is also enhanced through the use of computer in the early years.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in registering with Kidzmonte child Development Centre. You may reach us through the following methods to arrange for a visit.:

We are at 73 Loyang Rise Singapore 507528